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På Stell

Eco-friendly products that are easy to use and effective,
without compromising on nature.

På Stell - takes care of your things - takes care of nature.

På Stell

Takes care of your things | Takes care of nature

About På Stell

The Norwegian brand På Stell has been removing stains since 1994. It all started with cloth diapers, where the lemon soap became a necessity to keep the cloth diapers clean and fresh. The lemon soap removed the stains effectively without harmful chemicals.

Lemon soap

Parents of young children soon discovered that the Lemon Soap easily removes all types of difficult stains such as fruit, blueberries, blood and much more. It didn't take long before the Lemon Soap was in demand by parents of small children and with them the Norwegian children's stores.

På Stell for it all

It's not just children who got stains... clothes, shoes and furniture, everything needs cleaning and På Stell has the products for it. Products that are made from natural oils and effective ingredients from lemon in a unique composition that makes the products both effective and eco-friendly.


The lemon soap, which is made from natural organic oils, is gentle, both for sensitive skin and for the nature we love so much.

På Stell - takes care of your things - takes care of nature.