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Tricot-Slen Cool

Tricot-Slen Cool is the thin lightweight baby wrap that is the perfect choice for warm people and in warm climate. It is made of high-performance material based on recycled PET-bottles - a climte-smart choice!

Babylonia Carriers | Tricot-Slen Cool

Lightweight baby wrap in high-performance material

Tricot-Slen Cool

Tricot-Slen Cool is a lightweight babywrap, a perfect choice for warmer climats and for warm people. It can be used from baby´s birth and up to 15 kg. 

Tricot-Slen Cool is extremely light-weight, breathable and dries very fast. A perfect choice when travelling..


Tricot-Slen Cool is made of a high performance material, made from recycled PET bottles - an environmentally friendly choice!


With Tricot-Slen Cool, you carry your baby in an ergonomic M-position where the baby maintains a natural C-curve for the back.

The baby wrap distributes the weight over the entire upper body so that you can carry the baby comfortably for as long as you like.

Short facts

  • Knitted elastic wrap
  • From birth to 15 kg
  • Multipositions: front, back, hip
  • Easy to tie and install
  • Ergonomic M position and optimal support of baby’s hips and spine
  • 100% recycled PET fibers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made in EU (Netherlands)