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Lemon Foam

Lemon Foam - instant stain remover.

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  • Description

    Lemon Foam - Instant Stain Remover

    The original stain remover that is as effective as it is eco friendly. Takes care of your stuff – takes care of nature.

    På Stell Lemon Foam is the organic and natural lemon soap in foam. Efficient and eco-friendly stain remover that is quick and very easy to use. Perfect for materials that can not be machinewashed, like some garments, shoes and furnitures or when you are in a hurry.

    Short fact:

    • 115 ml
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Organic, vegan and biodegradable
    • Do not contain palm oil, chemicals or synthetic perfume
    • Gentle to your skin - Dermatologically tested
    • Made in Germany


    • Made of natural oils from lemon, rapeseed, sunflower and coconut
    • 15-30% soap
    • Lemon Oil (kbA)
    • The natural Lemon Oil contains limonene and citral as a natural part of the oil. Limonene makes <0,5%
    • Bottle to be recycled as plastic

    How to use the foam:

    • Press out the needed amount of foam on the stain.
    • Rub into the stain.
    • Rinse or wipe of with a wet cloth immediately to remove all soap.
    • Repeat if necessary until the stain is removed.

    Tip! Always follow the washing instructions on the garment or fabrics you treat.

  • Specification
    Country of origin Germany
    Storlek 115 ml
    Frp-storlek 12