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Award-winning baby monitors designed to alert parents
if abdominal movements stop


Mobile breathing monitors for babies

About Snuza Hero

Snuza has been developing baby movement monitors, using leading edge bio-sensory technology, since 2007.

The Snuza monitors are aimed at monitoring a baby’s breathing movement and alerting parents of any incidents where the breathing movement has stopped.

Clinically proven

Snuza HeroMD is the world's first medically certified, portable baby breathing monitor. It's clinically proven to detect if a baby stops breathing. 


Snuza has won a number of international awards over the years. Yers 2022, 2023 and 2024 has been awarded best breathing monitor on the Swedish market by Test.se.

Snuza has been sold in Swedish babystores since 2010 with thousands over pleased parents and babies as customers.

Monitors and alarms

Snuza Hero MD monitors the baby's breathing and if 15 seconds of no detected breating movements, Snuza Hero MD vibrates to get the baby to start breathing again.

After another 5 seconds without breathing movements, Snuza Hero MD will alarm to alert the caretaker.