• Manufacturer and Distributor of Baby Products and Toys


BabyNord co-operate with a number of Swedish publishers
for distribution of children books on the Swedish market,
mainly to toys- and baby stores.

Children's Books 

In cooperation with a number of leading Swedish publishers

Barthelson förlag

A Swedish family-owned company started 2007 focusing on publishing of children and crafts book.

The mission is to provide affordable, quality books to the general public.

Glimra förlag

A Swedish publisher with a focus on feeling and durability with a stylish and yet simple design. Glimra förlag produces books for the conscious and modern customer – books that makes it possible to save life´s most important memories..

Triumf förlag

Triumf förlag publishes childrens books suitable for children of all ages within a variety of inspiring subjects.

Tukan förlag

At Tukan förlag you will find colourful and original books. A wide and affordable range with constantly new titels for knowledge, inspiration and entertainment.

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