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Blankies sapphire dotty pack of 3 GOTS

Three soft blankies in 100% organic cotton. GOTS-certified product.

Article no.: 600682
EAN: 7350060991576
  • Description

    Three blankies in one pack. Made of soft and cosy organic cotton, they will soon turn into the baby´s favourite.

    Easy to always bring along.

    Each package included the following blankies:
    1 sapphire with white dots
    1 solid white
    1 solid sapphire

    Size 30x30 cm

    Made of 100% organic cotton

    GOTS-certified product (Ceres-0497)

  • Specification
    Colour Sapphire dotty
    Size 30x30 cm
    Material 100% organic cotton
    Care instructions 40℃ or 60℃
    Country of origin India
    Rec price €19,9
  • About GOTS


    This is an organic GOTS-certified product. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. The GOTS-certification means that the product is certified all the way from the organic cotton cultivation to dyeing, production, handling and storage.

    Only products that meet GOTS' high requirements throughout the entire manufacturing chain are allowed to carry the GOTS logo together with a separate certification number for identification.

    With the GOTS-certification, we make sure that our products are: 
      Ethically made
      Environmentally friendly
      Certified by third party experts
      Made only in facilities which adhere to strict GOTS criteria

    That is something we are very proud of. To our GOTS certificate