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Snuza Pico 2

Movement monitor that monitors baby´s movement, sleep and temperatur.

Article no.: SNU04
EAN: 898346002792
  • Description

    Snuza Pico 2 monitor your baby's sleep patterns, tummy movement, temperature and sleeping position from one smart device. The Snuza Pico 2 is the next generation smart wearable monitor for children. [[img@id=;8173;@resolution=;micro;@class=;right-align;@link=;https://www.test.se/andningslarm/;@target=;_blank;]]

    The Snuza Connect App allows you to track your baby's breathing movement rate. If no movement is detected for 15 seconds the Snuza Pico vibrates in order to wake your child, and will alarm after a further 5 seconds of no movement detected, the app in your phone will alarm also.


    In the first year of your baby’s life, the Snuza Pico functions primarily as a movement monitor which has the added functionality of tracking sleep patterns, skin temperature and body position. As your child grows older sleep analytics becomes the primary reason for use. The App informs you on your childs sleep states and duration.

    Snuza Pico 2 has a built in infrared thermometer and will inform you if your baby is getting cold or running a fever.

  • Specification
    Country of origin South Africa
    Storlek 4,8x4,0x1,6 cm