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Wool Wash

Wool Wash - Organic delicate detergent

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  • Description

    Wool Wash - Organic delicate detergent

    På Stell Wool Wash is made from natural oils. It is effective, has a natural softener and works well with low temparatures. It is especially gentle on wool, bamboo, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, silk and down.


    • 1 Table Spoon (15 ml) for half loaded machine.
    • For hand wash, about 1 Tea Spoon (5 ml).

    Short facts:

    • 250ml
    • Preserves the colors – also the natural wool white
    • Makes the wool extra soft
    • Do not contain lanolin, palm oil or synthetic perfume
    • Gentle to your skin - Dermatologically tested
    • Effective and long lasting
    • Made in the EU


    • Coconut oil, olive oil and water
    • 5-15% nonionic tensides
    • <5% plant soap
    • <5% anionic tensides
    • <1% Benzyl Alcohol (NCP-approved agent for balancing the viscosity of the liquid – how thick or thin the liquid is and the content is)
    • Bottle made of 100% recycled PET. Recycle as plastic.
  • Specification
    Country of origin Germany
    Storlek 250 ml
    Frp-storlek 12