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Bola white feets

Bola with long black cord

Article no.: VK-901
EAN: 5407005384695
  • Description

    Bola – the natural jewellery for all pregnant women. The mexican bola, or pregnancy chime, is a beutiful jewellery for pregnant women. On the inside there is a small xylophone with a little ball that dances around and gives a soft, nice sound, when the woman moves. By carrying the bola on the belly the baby will hear the sound.

    From about week 20 in the pregnancy the baby will be able to hear and recognise the sound. The soothing sound will calm the baby during pregnancy and after birth the baby will know the sound and be relaxed from it.

    The bola are free from nickel and will be delivered with a long black cord. Silver- or gold-plated necklaces are available as accessories.

  • Specification
    Material Medical acrylic resin and steel
    Country of origin Mexico
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