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BB-slen 4,9 soft grey

Long, handwoven baby wrap. Length 4,9m, size 6,5.

Article no.: BDDBS-990
EAN: 5425011484802
  • Description

    Long handwoven babywrap in 100% organic cotton.

    BB-slen is a long, woven baby wrap which provides excellent comfort. The stability in the woven BB-slen makes it a perfect choice for you if you want to carry your child longer than the first year.

    It is possible, with a long, woven baby wrap like BB-slen, to carry the child in many different positions. You can choose positions where you carry your child on your front, on your hip or on your back. You can adapt it to your child’s age and stability in back and neck.

    BB-slen can be used from newborn and as long as the child wants to be carried, up to 4 years or 20 kg.

    Length: 4,9m, size 6,5.

    BB-slen is hand woven in India in Fair Trade. It means that the workers has a fair salary, a good working environment, care for the environment and more.

    100% organic cotton

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