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Rebael Pacifier Cloudy Pearly Snake

Pacifier with round nipple in natural rubber. Match every outfit with a Rebael pacifier.

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  • Description

    Rebael pacifier with round nipple in 100% natural rubber latex, without added chemicals. Match each outfit with a pacifier from Rebael.

    Rebael pacifiers have a nipple made of natural rubber, also called natural rubber latex. In Rebael pacifiers, the natural rubber is allowed to dry naturally, without added chemicals. This means that the manufacturing process takes a little longer but provides cleaner, more durable and safer pacifiers.

    Material: nipple made of 100% natural rubber. Plastic parts made of medically approved polypropylene.
    100% BPA free and vegan.
    Approved according to EN-1400.
    Made in Denmark.

    Care instructions
    Pour boiling water over the pacifier and leave in water for 5 minutes. Wipe dry or dry on a towel.

    Cleaner and more durable pacifiers
    The pacifiers from Rebael are made of pure natural rubber, completely without added chemicals, to be the best and safest choice on the market. The pure natural rubber used, means that Rebael pacifiers must dry longer during the production process than pacifiers where chemicals are added to shorten the natural rubber drying time. The longer production process provides a higher quality and completely clean and chemical-free pacifiers.

    Longer service life and safer pacifiers
    The nipple part in natural rubber on Rebael pacifiers has been dipped more times than other similar pacifiers to be stronger and more durable. This means that Rebael pacifiers last longer and do not discolour in the same way as many other pacifiers do. It gives each pacifier a longer life and makes them a safer product.

    Locally produced - Made in Denmark
    Rebael pacifiers are manufactured in Denmark. The facility is medically certified, and the pacifiers are manufactured in accordance with EN 1400. Minimizing transportation with local production is a bonus.

  • Specification
    Material Nipple 100% organic natural rubber. Plastic parts of medical grade polypropylen.
    Country of origin Denmark
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